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The ancient wisdom of yoga was kept hidden for many centuries and was passed on to only a handful of people with each generation. This resulted in limiting western world’s yoga to practicing mainly asanas, which in fact, constitute only 10 percent of entire yoga! The desire to achieve higher levels of practice within the yoga community is immense. To address that, Sanjeev Shivananda not only offers essential, unique, and carefully selected yoga equipment that enhance your practice, but also to reveal the ancient wisdom and truly hidden secrets of yoga through public and one-on-one teachings.

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Yoga practice, including asanas, generates an immense amount of positive energy. To benefit the most, this energy should and can be captured. As wool is the only known material that is able to absorb and store that energy, the woolen yoga mat becomes absolutely essential to your practice. The mat also has a very strong grip to achieve asanas of all intensity levels.

That uniqueness of the woolen yoga mat allows you to build positive energy, benefit from it, and ultimately stay divine.

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