Sanjeev Shivananda

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Yoga


Sanjeev Shivananda has an enviable record of transforming lives for 20 years …

His journey on this path began at age 14 when he started learning ancient yoga and meditation and his learning still continues. He was blessed to have been passed on ancient secrets that help transform lives powerfully yet quickly.

He has used his learnings and personal experience of transforming his own life to help people to achieve lasting health, happiness, and success. He uses ancient Yogic secrets tested and proven over centuries.

He continues to provide these ancient tools to enable people to bring lasting positive transformations to their lives.

There has been an immense desire among the yoga community to know and to learn more sciences of Yoga such as the chakras, the five bodies, the practice of Pranayamas, and Pran-kriyas and finally the deep science of meditation. 

I will be bringing forth these sciences through various channels through social media and also for those interested, personal teachings.


Sanjeev Shivananda