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Free Workshop: Train Like A Saint, Live Like A King

A very special, exclusive workshop in which you will first learn why the key to living the life of king, is the need to train like a saint. A saint is very disciplined in approach and trains consistently.

 A king lives a life of prosperity, success and happiness. One doesn’t need to be a saint or king only but imbibe the lessons from both to lead a successful healthy and happy life.

In this virtual workshop, you will have the chance to meet new people, learn many valuable lessons and teachings from Sanjeev. If you want to know how you can transform yourself and this world to be a better place to live, this workshop is for you!


“All Yogacharyas do not need to teach yoga but every Yogacharya will have the opportunity to teach.”

Join our course which focuses on ancient secrets and practices that can bring a profound understanding of yoga and its context into your own life and the way you teach.

A program offered exclusively by Sanjeev Shivananda designed to be the ultimate aid for those on the journey to deeper self discovery, fulfillment, health, and happiness. 

If you have an active interest in learning about the higher practices of chakras, energy bodies, meditation, or yogic healing,

Yogacharyas is here for you.

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