Divine Services

For any questions or inquiries, please email [email protected]

One-on-One Sessions

An hour-long session via video call or phone with Sanjeev Shivananda (no in-person sessions due to the pandemic). This hour-long session is a 12-week program that is usually one's first step towards true and lasting transformation.

Group Sessions

Group sessions, led by Sanjeev, focus on the same principles and process as featured in a one-on-one session, however, the group session's setting/atmosphere allows a pleasant alternative to those who may prefer this style of practice.

Home Energy Cleansing

An accumulation of negative energy in one's home is a common problem that is, for many of us, left untreated. Sanjeev provides an exclusive, unique, and extremely powerful Home Energy Cleansing that has changed the energetic resonance in the homes of many to be well-measurably positive, thus improving their quality of life immensely.