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Achieve Lasting Health, Happiness and Success through Hidden Ancient
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top 4 benefits of booking a group session

Dear seeker of transformation,

If the current turbulent and unpredictable times are pulling you down, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse your suffering and use this powerful time to achieve the ultimate goals of lasting health, happiness and success. 

You will learn through these group sessions to experience and gain a glimpse of the power of ancient yoga and meditation methods that have been hidden from masses for centuries.

  • You are the creator of your own destiny-learn the hidden yogic and meditative secrets of achieving all that you have been seeking in your life.
  • Experience the power of ancient and secret yogic tools of transformation such as: pranakriyas, pranayamas, various ancient yoga-based meditations, powerful energy/chakra cleansing, and much more.
  • Learn to use these tools to materialize lasting happiness, health, and success.

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"Transforming your life will make you an inspiration for those around you to transform theirs as well."

~Sanjeev Shivananda

A glimpse into the group sessions

Below you will find some key highlights from our large yogic meditational workshop which we hosted in May 2021.

The group sessions will work in a similar manner but will be much more personal and interactive since the sessions will be in smaller groups of five. 

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group session Pricing

For all questions and inquiries, please email [email protected]

North American Rate Special India Rate
CAD $1,400 / 8-week program
INR ₹84,800 / 8-week program
CAD $299.95 / 8-week program
INR ₹18,175 / 8-week program
CAD $175 per session    
INR ₹10,600 per session
CAD $37.50 per session  
INR ₹2,270 per session

Total Savings:

CAD$ 1 100.05  (₹ 8 330)

*conversions are market-based estimates

8-week program

International Price
CAD$ 299.95
  • CAD$ 37.50 per session
best value

Our other Unique Online Services Include:

  • Virtual workshops
  • Virtual 1-on-1  12-week program ( all levels )
  • Group session programs  ( all levels )
  • House energy cleansing services (based on ancient yogic healing traditions and methods)
  • Unique yoga accessories only in our exclusive Divine Shop
  • A unique and exclusive advanced yoga and meditation certification course: “Yogacharyas” (coming June 2021 )
  • Sanjeev Shivananda’s vast array of experience in the field of yoga and meditation.
  • Gain his insight by joining one of our programs or by taking advantage of this free limited time offer for a 1-on-1 session.
  • Learn from Sanjeev-Ji’s advanced knowledge, wisdom, and the life-long learnings he attained through his yogic journey of over 30 years. Most of his teachings derive from the wisdom he was blessed with from highly evolved saints, and gurus with lineages going back in centuries!

The foundation of yoga and meditation are actually science-based. In other words, all tools, methods, and their effectiveness can be explained in terms of modern science.

We welcome and accept people of all faiths. We have no affiliations with any religion or other dogma.

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