Only The Mad Have Transformed This World

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The problems and challenges in life are like that thin layer of cream that forms on top of your coffee or tea with milk. And what do you do? You just blow that layer aside and drink your coffee or tea!

Problems and challenges in our life are like that thin layer over your coffee or tea with milk. Successful people are those who overcome and put those very same problems aside. It’s kind of like like blowing aside the thin layer and drinks the coffee or tea, except picture the coff!

Does anyone before leaving home wait for all the traffic lights to turn green before leaving? No, You just leave and if you encounter a red light, you wait. If there is a block in the traffic, you change the route and if there is a pothole, you drive around it. You face challenges yet you reach your destination , don’t you?

Say, if you were recently married and rushing home from work and on your way there was a traffic block? What would you do? You will change the route, change the lanes dangerously and overcome all obstacles and many times curse those obstacles as well and say, get aside, I have to reach my destination where my beloved is waiting for me!! There are so many dreams in my eyes and I have to reach home, my destination no matter what! Do we not reach home fast or not? I am not sure what you wanted to tell…

Challenges and problems are everywhere in our lives and in this world. Henry Ford produced the first car and do you think that he did not face challenges?

Edison said he would make light come out of glass !! And when Edison would have told his friends about his dream, do you think his friends would have said, – “Oh yes, of course, it’s possible, you can do it.” Would they have said so? Probably they would have laughed and made fun of Edison. But nowadays it is a well-known fact that when Edison died, he had 1093 patents under his name. He was born to this world like you and me, he wasn’t a different creature!! The batteries we use today and the electricity meter that we have in our homes were invented by Edison. These things seem so common today but they had been taken years of hard work to make! Edison didn’t live 500 years also to invent all those things and to get over 1000 patents; he lived an average life like yours and mine.

People ridiculed him and called him mad but did he put attention to all that? NO.

Graham Bell was called mad as well when he said he would make sound travel to far off places and enable people to talk with each other even overseas!

I call those people mad because only these mad people are able to transform our world! The smart people do not transform this world, those mad people do. (The smart people have not transformed this world, those mad people have.) Smart people even at this moment would be finding faults in this message, this blog. These smart people never made any transformations but these mad people worked hard to bring these transformations in our world. There are many more inventions to come to us in the future and the mad people will bring them all. Fifty years from now, the generations will laugh at us when they read that it took us 5 hours to reach Vancouver from Toronto! Teleportation, driverless cars, robots are coming soon. Only a few years ago all these things were mere dreams! Not so long ago a pager ( young people even wouldn’t know what a pager is)was considered a revolution in communication. That pager was the size of a matchbox tied to your belt and a message would arrive from home “Dinner is ready sweetheart, come home soon”. Today we laugh at it!! The inventors of cell phones would have been laughed at when they spoke about their dreams. (You can mention Steve Jobs and the PC)

Challenges will keep coming in life to be overcome and these challenges are the road to success. If many challenges are coming in your life, please understand that you are doing something that will transform your life and this world!

A routine life will not throw difficult challenges in front of you. LIFE/The Universe gives you challenges if you are ready for transformation. If your life is just routine, the only things that will change in your life will be the menu of your lunch and dinner or the color of your clothes!

If you want to transform but challenges have stopped coming in your life, kneel down and look up to the Universe and ask,- “Have you lost faith in me? Send me some challenges so I can overcome them and transform my life and this world”!!

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