Divine Creations Starter Pack


The Divine Creations Starter Pack comes with our signature Wool Yoga Mat, Cleaner, and a Carry Bag!

Divine Yoga mats are made of high quality natural wool. Wool is the only known material as per ancient yoga wisdom that has the ability to absorb and store the immense positive energy generated by the practice of yoga. When you use Divine Yoga mats every time you practice yoga, the Divine mats absorb a store the positive energy within them. 

After a few hours, days of practice on the Divine mats make them supercharged with its immense positive energy that you have created yourself. These charged Divine mats become a source of powerful positive to you, whenever you need it. If you are in a disturbed emotional state, merely sitting on the charged Divine mats can bring immense peace and calmness to your mind and body.

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Weight1.1 kg