The Biggest Disease In This World Is: Claim And Blame

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 One of the main types of diseases that plague the world today is actually not a physical ailment at all. I like to call this disease: “Claim and Blame”. When good things happen in our lives, we often feel our efforts are the reason they happen, whereas when things go wrong- we often associate cast blame on others or the circumstances to explain the reasoning behind it.

 I classify this “disease” as a chronic one. The best treatment like any other chronic disease has to be consistently administered in order to have any chance of keeping its symptoms at bay. It’s safe to say this treatment is essential. I say this because with over forty years of being on this spiritual path- I have now come to conclude that as long as one suffers from this “claim and blame” disease- many lives will be miserable and will have evaded the possibility of lasting happiness and success.

 Here is a valuable short story that really hits the nail on the head with this one. One day, a young man was looking for something he lost at night under a street lamp. Thirty minutes went by and his search remained unsuccessful. That night, one of his friends happened to be passing by and noticed him struggling to look for something.

 His friend asks the young man what he was looking for- to which he replied “My car keys bud, they must have fallen out of my pocket.” The friend offered to help and the pair split their efforts to cover larger ground in the suspected area of the missing keys.

 As luck would have it, another one of the young man’s friend’s passed by, noticed the on-going search, and curiously asked the same question to which the young man replied the same answer in frustration: “My car keys man, they must have fallen out of my pocket, I’ve been searching for an hour now!”

 The second friend asked where the young man thought had lost the keys to which he replied: “I lost them inside my house nearby.”. Surprised and confused, the second friend asked why he was looking for the keys outside under the street lamp when he believes he lost them inside his home. The young man replied: “We had a power failure at home and it’s pitch dark, so I think I’d have a better chance checking where there’s light.”

 This brief story may sound funny or silly but if one were to really think about it- are we not doing something extremely similar to this in our lives?

 What I’m getting at is that many of us look for solutions to an internal problem, outside of the dimension where the answer lay! To put it very simply: most of the answers we are looking for that can help us put an end to most of the issues that have plagued or continue to stop us from living prosperous life- are already right under our noses!

 To summarize what I’m saying in a blunt fashion, most
problems in life stem from within us, not outside-we must learn to start seeking the answers within.

 Another quick story about the great Gautama Buddha. When the Buddha was a young man (married with a son), he famously left his palace and family to go on a quest. He wandered in the forests for years and his experiences finally led him to the achievement of his journey’s ultimate goal: “Nirvana” or “self-realization.” After attaining this revered state: historians write he returned to his city, went back to his palace, and knocked on the door “asking for alms” as any saint did in those times. The door was opened by his wife and she was surprised to see him.

 Noticing that Buddha was successful in his mission and had achieved enlightenment, it is said that the Buddha’s wife then asked him a very interesting question. Buddha’s wife asked him whether it was possible he could have attained self-realization at home- to which the Buddha famously replied: “Yes, I could have found it at home, but in order to understand that, I had to go on the quest into the forest!”

What a beautiful answer it was. One would expect nothing less given the state Buddha had incredibly achieved. The great Gautama Buddha thereby taught this very same wisdom to his disciples. He explained to them that “We need not go the forests today, I can tell you that all that we seek can be found within our very selves from where we sit.”

 Many years ago, my Guru once asked me whether I felt if I was responsible for the circumstances in my life, to which immediately answered: I wasn’t sure. He then asked me whether I had ever blamed someone ever in my life for something to which I said: “yes, many times” He said this is one thing I must give up if I want anything good in my life. I heeded this advice and I can say with full confidence that this one thing, changed my life in a tremendous way.

 Let me give you another example my guru enlightened me with that very same day. He said “Did you know the one thing most people don’t complain or have a problem with despite the fact it causes so much damage? Gravity. I then thought about what he said and realized how right he was. Annually, gravity causes more accidents from events such as people falling off stairs, mountains, planes crashing, etc. See, what my guru was getting at was that- gravity cant be harmed, but it can cause a great deal of harm as well.

 Gravity itself, however, cannot be cast any damage upon. We don’t see people trying to attack gravity or say I’m going to take revenge on gravity for causing me to fall and break my leg. Knowing that gravity has no form and cannot be eliminated, caused us, humans, to learn to live with gravity. In turn, gravity is now something that may cause damage, but remains and will remain a fundamental pillar of the science and physics behind the very make-up of our universe! Basketball wouldn’t exist without it, nor would soccer or tennis be possible without the ball being able to bounce off the pitch.

 That is the law of balance. Gravity is an invisible force that gives as much as it takes. It’s just dependant on the perceiver of it. If we applied the same principles as we apply to understand gravity, to understanding ourselves, then complaints about circumstances would be non-existent!

 The day I shared with my guru that I am the one who is responsible for both my pleasures and my pains, was the day I transformed my life into one of lasting happiness, success, health, wealth, and blessings. I want to highlight just how important is that we take full responsibility for the situation and we are in, and the feelings that came with it- only then can we gain back control- and find true liberation.

 Only when one truly accepts responsibility for their actions and their circumstances, can they truly change the situations, take back control, attain true, and lasting transformation. We may not be able to change the seasons, the weather, or the tides of the ocean, but if there is one thing we can control, it’s ourselves-and that self-control, my dear friends, is the key to solving the issues that plague most of mankind.

A very famous poet, Ghalib, said very wisely “All my life, it seemed I kept repeating this one mistake. The Dust was always on my face, but I kept on cleaning the mirror.”


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